The PSTEC Therapy Process Works!

PSTEC is a simple self-help therapy that simply works just as intended by design.

I had a cool experience this week I wanted to share. I spend a lot of time writing & talking about PSTEC but. . . I find I rarely use it myself anymore. That is a good thing for me however when I was writing something the other day – I hesitated for a moment because it has been a very long time indeed since I have click tracked.

Last week I worked on a project for my old company – job – boss – in my old work environment and setting. I worked there for many years – however I have not worked there in several years. I used to work in computer animation and have one particular computer skill that not many people in the world have. There is good and not so good that comes with that special skill. If there is no need for it – – there is no work to be had. Since the last big project I worked on many moons ago I finished nutrition school and have been certified in several other healing modalities and now work trying to help others obtain optimal health and well-being.

It is interesting to practically step out of time and then step back in. Many of the same people work there and I worked with many of these co-workers for over 15+ years. It was nice to be back making moving artwork.

On day 4 all heck broke loose and the computer started acting possessed and I had to work late. Thankfully my awesome co-worker stayed with me and helped me sort out the network of craziness that is animation and we got it done. The whole situation brought up A LOT of old old emotions – pre- doing work days. When I got home after an incredibly long day – I opened my email for another company I do work for. This email was regarding nutrition and I flew off the handle inside. Rage filled me up and bubbled over like YUCK!!!!!!

The way the email set me off – – – was exactly how my old job used to set me off – – – hmmmmmm and this other job I had in 1996 made me feel that way too – – – WHAT is it???????

So with an anger level of 62 I decided to get out the click and get to work – even though I was EXHAUSTED. I followed my own advice. Do 3-4 rounds on the same topic using The Free Basics click tracks one and two and 1 or 2 click tracks of an EEF is my method. I call them 1 – 2 (free) then 3 and 4 and the other 2 EEFs (Enhanced Effectiveness Click Tracks)..

I just wanted to test PSTEC after – – – probably over a year and many months (this is a good thing for me!!)!!!

It was amazing and exactly as I remember. It has been long enough where the pattern of the track was not memorized the same way as when I used it regularly. That was never an issue for me but it took more concentration for me than the last time I used it. PSTEC CONTINUES to IMPRESS me!!!!!


I get weird twitches & body flinches when I do ‘work’ like PSTEC. I like it because it tells me something is moving out.   I felt better after round 1 of click track 1. probably down to a 7.  I did click track 1 again.   I think maybe it was during this click track that other bosses and past job experiences surfaced? Something like that – I just followed it around and it felt related.

Next I did round 3 with click track 4 which is an EEF that had alternative beats and different hand movements.  This was PERFECT – – I stumbled all over the place and made me feel so confused I could hardly keep my concentration on the memory – the rage – the anger – the vileness I spew – – – when – it happened again. . . I busted up laughing at myself and my sillinesses. It felt great – just like the first time I used PSTEC clearing tracks. Then I did one more round of free click track 1 for assurance (this is how I usually do it).  During round 4  is when it is most difficult for me to connect with the feeling at all. I try really hard like a little kid who is trying so hard but try as I might I cannot connect.   I make it a game and I make myself laugh or I laugh at myself – I don’t know but I enjoy doing the click tracks and what doing click tracks does for me.

The initial laugh just happens when I break through the issue – – – but after that – laughter does keep coming because it’s like – no matter how hard I try – – I cannot re-connect with the feelings. thoughts or memories the way I did when I started.

I felt SO MUCH better after clicking on all those years of all work crap. I would not have known they were there really if I had not gone back to work at my old job.  So I am grateful not only for the contract payment and the opportunity to work on a fun project – – – but also for the hidden messages of things to click on and clear out of my locker.  It felt fantastic to get rid of that junk and laugh. I feel confident the clearing will make for a better future as well.

Try it – – it works. PSTEC works and that is why I built this site!